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our council carriers

We have a simple structure - a Council elected by members and a group of volunteers known as Regional Representatives who help coordinate activities in their local area. Our past Council carriers are asked to join our Wisdom Keepers C, so that their wisdom is not lost, and we can ask advice at any time.

If you want to contact any of the Council carriers individually, please use the address with the specific person's name in the Subject line, and it will be forwarded to the relevant person.


Heather Middleton

My passion is moving people forward, so I’m fortunate to have had a career in University teaching. Now I’m working in research in this area to help improve the learning experience of students in a large university Faculty.

As a Director of the ALN, I bring fifteen years of experience as a Director of a successful not-for-profit that created a groundbreaking social enterprise. My other passion (aside from exploring the labyrinth in all its permutations) is music. I’m a volunteer presenter at Fine Music FM Radio in Sydney and sing acapella music when I have the chance. I’ve also just completed a course in journalism, so one way or another I’m always communicating!

I came to the labyrinth when I was studying to be a meditation facilitator at a natural therapies college in 2010. It was the last subject on the last day of our course and it just blew me away. I went on to train at the first Veriditas summer school in Petaluma, California. I’m now an advanced Veriditas facilitator and I’m hoping to go on and bring my experience of teaching and learning to the development of facilitators here in Australia.


Mark Healy

Mark Healy has designed many unique processes to explore the Labyrinth. Over the years he has brought thousands of people together and guided groups and individuals in an experience of the Labyrinth's powers of transformation.

‚ÄčMark's passion for designing and creating Labyrinths started over 20 years ago. Since then he has trained with world leaders in Labyrinth facilitation and building including Dr Lauren Artress and Robert Ferre. Mark has created hundreds of Labyrinths all over the world while expressing himself as a Horticulturalist, Landscaper, Builder, Group Facilitator and Artist. He has led many retreats where the Labyrinth becomes the centre of the ceremonial and ritual space. His love of the sacred is ‚Äčexpressed fully at these times.

council carrier

Joy Bowles

Joy has been intrigued with labyrinths since first walking a New Year's Eve labyrinth in Paddington Uniting Church in Sydney, 1997, and in 2014 installed a labyrinth in a public park in her home town of Armidale after 4 years of negotiating with the local council.

She enjoys being able to contribute her technical expertise to help the ALN grow and flourish, and is excited by the diverse and marvellous labyrinth initiatives undertaken by our members and Regional Representatives.


Louise Mason

My own journey with labyrinths is about ten years long. It started when, as a Teacher Educator specialising in online learning, I was looking for student resources to bring more affective (feelings-based) elements to values education. It seemed to me that there was an over-emphasis on cognitive elements. Since then I have:

  • become a devoted labyrinth walker and seeker-outer of labyrinths in my travels
  • been actively involved in the building of a large outdoor Chartres-design labyrinth
  • built several in my own (former) garden
  • painted wall labyrinths for my (now) garden and home
  • made several portable labyrinths of various designs
  • trained as a Veriditas Labyrinth Facilitator
  • led community events incorporating labyrinth walks
  • facilitated teacher workshops and class activities
  • incorporated labyrinth walking into school resource learning sequences
  • developed labyrinth walks for professional growth through my FB page,
  • begun work on an illustrated Children’s Book (about labyrinths!)

Design and development of my website labyrinth resources is ongoing. I am on the ALN Schools Working Group and I am finding that my long Teacher Educator experience in professional learning is marrying beautifully with this new labyrinth work that at times seems to be writing itself (e.g. on sunset beach walks).

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